I'm a programmer

A computer enthusiast, who loves to code and make things.

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Inborn qualities.


Can switch languages like charm. An avid learner by birth.

Clean Code

I make it a point to write beautiful, clean codes. Making life easier for me and fellow humans at work.

Modular Design

I prefer to divide each component into smaller, reusable modules.

Plays Nice

Can get along with everyone.
A Non judgemental, Cooperative being.

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Work Details.

I have worked extensively on Database-based apps, Web Development, creating various work automation tools. I work on and love JS, PHP, Python, C++. Used various frameworks and libraries.

Get in touch. Usually responds immediately.

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Are you a tech geek or a person with wonderful innovative ideas? Are you looking for a person to talk to about your business ideas and/or to set up an online presence? Contact me, I would love to talk and provide any knowledge-based support.

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